Manju Jha
Ms Manju Jha started her career with Population Services International- India. She travelled all across the country- urban, semi-urban,and rural areas to understand issues faced by women and children at large.She had the passion to serve the society. She handled projects for women and chil development and welfare, family planning, health, AIDS prevention etc. She worked on information, communication, education to reach out to masses, to teach value of lifeand methods to plan family.
She also worked on launching oral contraceptive pills- Pearl and male contraceptive- Masti and Neotral. Along with that she launched the newsletter - Nexus. She was a part of running vans in rural areas for promoting family health and services. She worked deeply in the villages to make them aware about it and it's consequences, She ran training programs with local doctors and worked largely with ad agency, PR agency, packaging companies, market research agency to create effective products and communication for the people of India. She won many awards and accolades for her passionate performance. 
She won Philip De Harvey trophy from PSI, headquartered in Washington. She was nominated by Ministry of Health and Family Planning for an International Workshop on family planning sponsored by WHOheld in Bangladesh. Hence, her journey started to serve the poor and needy.